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Remastered version

Exceptional reissue of the cult album of the Initiatory Opera “Le Mandarin” recorded at the Ebène studio in Strasbourg and released at the end of 1989.
This album was produced with some of the best musicians of the Strasbourg pop rock scene of the time.
Among the performers we will be pleased to rediscover Cécile Solin and Jackie Marsala, Wanda Leine in a duet with SUNSET singer Jean Michel Logeard, Patrick Genet and Swiss singer Vincent Vallat.
The magnificent texts and the libretto were written by Patrick Petri with musical compositions by Freddy Brua.
The arrangements are by the late and talented Jean Claude Camet and François Hoernel. On bass we find Philippe Laiss and Francis Gentel on drums. Alain Lustic and Michel Jehlen provide the guitars. In the sound production we find the legendary sound engineer of Studio Ebène Philippe Batilliot for a truly astonishing sound for the time. An album that hasn't aged a bit to discover or rediscover in a remastered version


A unique style

HELIOPOLIS MUSIC presents the first single by Julien HMI. A Strasbourg urban poet of great talent.


Recorded at the end of the 90s, the album DIANE is an unreleased album by Raphaël Dajafée discovered by chance in the author's archives. Before his career in the field of Radionics, "the science of shape waves", the author is above all a very talented musician who was, among other things under the name of Freddy Brua, the leader and composer of the legendary French group of alternative rock "the group Wapassou".
Diane was originally composed for a film score which was to be performed by actress Michèle Mercier on a screenplay by Daniel Ringold.
The film was unfortunately never made.

Artistes: Bienvenue


We are offering you a real gem for enthusiasts and collectors. “GENUINE”, WAPASSOU’s hybrid album.
We are in the early 80s, the group exhausted by concerts (more than 300 in 7 years) feels a crazy desire for renewal.
After playing all these years in a trio, Freddy Brua, the leader of the group, dreams of performing with a drummer and a singer. It was the disco period and the group's soaring, alternative music struggled to find a place in the musical landscape of the time.
The group therefore hired a singer, Christine Maillard. She seduces the members of the group with her hoarse voice. She's good at it. The group therefore embarked on a new path, decided to produce “GENUINE” and left to record in Germany. The session went rather well and once the recording was finished, the group began looking for a record label. It was in MUNICH that they received favorable attention from UNITED ARTIST who sent them to sign with their Parisian office.
The morale of the group is high, a prestigious international signing bodes well for relaunching the career. Unfortunately the joy will be short-lived, UNITED ARTIST FRANCE closes its musical distribution and the future of the album is compromised. The STERNE label will take over but for this the group must recover the master which was already in engraving using a ruse worthy of a spy film. The record was finally released, but STERNE didn't believe in it at all and it was a commercial failure, especially since the specialized press, which had always been more than kind to the group, slammed the album and cried foul.
The group, after a few more memorable concerts, separated from its singer and put an end to her career.
In 1981, Freddy Brua opened the RBO studio, which later became Ebène, in Strasbourg and took the opportunity to record there what would be WAPASSOU's final and most accomplished album "ORCHESTRA 2001" which can be listened to and rediscovered on the websites of streaming like SPOTIFLY and DEEZER.
“GENUINE” is a strange album and with this remastered version, we become aware of the quality of the group. The interpretation is remarkable, particularly that of Jacques Lichti and his lyrical flights on the violin. Christine Maillard's voice and her rock interpretation are very much in tune with the current times.
With “GENUINE”, WAPASSOU was in the wrong era and it is only fair to give it new life, especially after listening to the sublime “TORQUEMADA”, a true anthology piece, the centerpiece of the album played identically in the studio as on stage.

After several listens we ultimately fell in love with this record, hats off to the artists...we miss you!!!

Arrangement Grand Piano and keyboard Marc Dolsi
Drums Francis Mouss Gentel
Guitar and Bass – Karin Nickerl
Violin – Jacques Lichti
Keyboards and organ - Freddy Brua
Singing and voice – Christine Maillard

Recorded in July 1980 at Möhrensound studio, Möhrendorf, Germany
Remastering Heliopolis Music 2020 (from a vinyl record, the original master having disappeared).

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