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WAPASSOU - Silver Lake

Wapassou is a French alternative rock group from the 70s from Strasbourg (France) totally atypical and unique with an exceptional musical background.

With its 3 main albums which form a trilogy on life, death and eternity, Wapassou has entered the legend of soaring and alternative rock. The Heliopolis Music label is proud to offer you a collector's item with a fully restored version of the Wapassou trilogy: life with The Mass in D minor, death with Salammbô, a musical poem inspired by the novel by Gustave Flaubert and with Ludwig, a King for eternity, homage to King Ludwig II of Bavaria. In these uncertain times, we hope that this reissue can contribute to the discovery and rediscovery of his works which are so special, so innovative for the time but so musically rich.

Composed of three albums in vinyl format and a bonus CD with the album Orchestra 2001, the Collector Wapassou will delight amateurs and collectors, as well as fans who followed the group, its era and its history.

A return to the world before, a time where, as a music critic, Wapassou writes, reminds us that computers will never write our destiny. Music without frills, but full of truth and talent. A musical anthology, to own, to collect, to listen!

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